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Sunday, September 21, 2008

42 Gilstead Road - Part 3

The main building at 42 Gilstead Road is connected to the servants' quarters via a shaded walkway.

42 Gilstead Road - Shaded walkway

And here are the lovely tiles of the walkway, which I'm sure would be hacked away during demolition.

42 Gilstead Road - Tiles

By the walkway, there is an outdoor sink and a cupboard on the wall.

42 Gilstead Road - Outdoor sink

42 Gilstead Road - Cupboard

Not too sure about the Marmite!

Ok, now looking down the walkway again but this time towards the main building.

42 Gilstead Road - Looking at main building

And yes, next post we will look at what's inside the main building itself on the ground floor.

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