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Sunday, September 14, 2008

42 Gilstead Road - Part 2

Behind the main building at 42 Gilstead Road, there is another smaller building. Perhaps servants' quarters. This is the view of it from the back...

Back of servants' quarters at 42 Gilstead Road

From the front... this is how it looks like.

42 Gilstead Road - The junk within

It comprises of a few small rooms filled up with what seems to be junk from the main building. In one of these rooms there is an old Chopper bicycle and there are some old school notes. Most of the doors are opened...

42 Gilstead - Opened doors

And some are closed...

42 Gilstead - Closed door

I didn't dare open the door as I didn't want dust and spiders to emerge.

The very last room at the end was a bedroom... a very messy one.

42 Gilstead - Bedroom in servants' quarters

Next post, we will look at the other things around the back of the house by the servants' quarters.

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