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Saturday, September 13, 2008

42 Gilstead Road

This is another one of my favourites on Gilstead Road... Number 42, which is slated to be torn down to make way for 18 freehold villas.

42 Gilstead Road gatepost

Going up the driveway, you've got to be careful of the durians overhead. From what I understood from a Filipino maid on the street, the durians drop onto the main road and can be found in the morning.

42 Gilstead Road driveway

Here's the porch of the house. As you can see, additional supports have been added onto the structure to hold it in place. The porch also spots some decorative ionic pillars.

42 Gilstead porch

The main building itself has an interesting looking roof, which is flat at the top. Not sure what style it is. Perhaps colonial Dutch?

42 Gilstead roof

Ok... that's all for now. Next post we will look at what's in back of the house.

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