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Saturday, September 6, 2008

25 Gilstead Road

Whilst looking up the history of places around me, I came across one interesting find - Number 25, Gilstead Road.


Apparently what is now Gracefields Kindergarten was formerly the family home of Leslie Charteris, the creator of The Saint. It was then called Westbourne, the name which can still be seen on the gateposts of the building today.


During World War II, the building became the Kriegsmarine Headquarters.

Then in 1957, it was the temporary headquarters of St. John's Ambulance.

Eventually, the house was renamed Field House... probably after Dr. Elaine Field who set up the place to care for spastic children.


Leslie Charteris never lived at Gilstead Road...it was built by his father after LC, his mother and brother had left to go live in England.

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