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Thursday, March 8, 2007

Coffee Bar K

Last week, a friend of mine introduced me to Coffee Bar K (there are also branches in Ginza, Chiba and Anesaki). It is a really interesting and quirky spot in the UE Square building just because it is so Japanese. The waiters, who are mostly Japanese except for one lady, are all dressed up in white tuxedos with black bow ties and when you sit down, they hand you a hot towel to freshen up! They do that again when you get back to your seat after having gone to the toilet. Amazing!

Coffee Bar K

There are cushy black leather seats in the downstairs area by the bar but they also have a more private seating area tucked away upstairs behind the bar - unfortunately, you don't get a view here. For those who like fresh air, there is outside seating as well.

Now you are going to wonder what sort of coffee does this place serve... looking at the menu (and it's a really thick one), it would seem that this place is mainly a whiskey place. They do have a selection of wines too but not as extensive as the whiskey. Upon my friend's recommendation, I went with a single malt just because it's served in a crystal glass over a piece of ice, hand-carved into the shape of an eight ball! On the side is a glass of distilled water. It's all very elaborate.

Single malt over an eight ball ice

Along with your drinks, you'll also get a plate of complimentary prosciutto.

Now, I have to talk about the toilet... at least the women's one. It's very Japanese as well. The toilet seat is heated and the toilet also has the typical fiddly buttons and knobs. On the counter by the sink... there's mouthwash and dental floss as well. I guess for you to freshen up your breath after a night of boozing before heading home. Haha...

Overall, this place is quite an experience. The ambience is great. Muted... not too loud... nice jazz music (mostly Vaughan, Fitzgerald, old jazz greats, etc.) which is low enough for you to listen to and speak over. It's not blaring or anything. Just right.

Be warned though... if you go there after 9 pm, there is a table/counter charge of SGD15/person... just because but don't let that put you off. It will be money well spent. Coffee Bar K is truly an experience to be had!

Where to find it:

205 River Valley Road
#01-76 UE Square
Singapore 234274

Tel: +65 6270-5040
Fax: +65 6735-0004


ive heard of this place but nv intended to visit. i believe you're paying also for the ambience. jazz at southbridge has got good selection of single malts and decent price list. the whisky store was really good but they're gone for a while now.

The Whisky Store has re-located to Waterfront Plaza (next to Grand Copthorne Hotel along Havelock Road)

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