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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Newton BBQ Chicken Wings & Fried Baby Squid

A friend of mine was down from the US for a week or two earlier this month so we went to the Newton Hawker Centre because she was craving for BBQ chicken wings...

Newton BBQ Chicken Wings

The plate above costs SGD5 (about USD3.25). I didn't have any so can't say if it's delicious or not but my friend wolfed it down so it must be. :-)

Fried baby squid was another item we had but it wasn't that good. Can't remember how much it costs. Anyway, feast your eyes...

Newton Fried Baby Squid


I heard that your friend offered you some wings, but you refused to eat any because you were full from your chicken rice. Your friend then proceeded to finish the rest of the wings because, hey, why waste delicious wings?

Next time your friend is in Singapore, she'll probably want to go to Lau Pa Sat's night hawker area, because Newton Circus has become too tourist-oriented, what with so many stall owners touting to possible diners. The wings at LPS are equally delicious. So says your friend.



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