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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Working In The Internet/Tech Industry Means No Sleep?

I've worked in the Internet/tech industry for awhile now and it always seems that it is constantly plagued:

  • with long working hours
  • with high turnover in staff
  • with a highly-stressful environment

What gives? Can it not ever be a serene environment with a healthy work-life balance in place? Is that possible at all or not? And say, if you were rewarded generously would you still stick around and continue working in the Internet/tech industry with the long hours and stress or would you only stick around if it was more than just money?

Drop a comment. I am interested to know what others think about this.


I've only worked in the computer industry for 4 years. If you want to keep up, you have to be prepared to work long hours. I am now a SAHM so I am contemplating a change in career when the kids are older. I don't think I want to go back to 24/7. I've been 24/7 for 4 years while working and after my children were born up till today and possibly in the future. I want some sleep.

I think the IT industry is overly competitive and unstable. The IT industry is an exampe of how human beings are just pushing their limits in order to make the economy spin. Soon, I believe more and more industries are gonna become like the IT industry where businesses have to put inmore and more hours just to sustain the economy - its a vicious cycle. How long can the world sustain such a system??? How more lives to sacrifice? I am pessismistic.

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