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Sunday, December 17, 2006

I Want Me Some Gennys

Man, I want me some Gennys - short for Genelecs. A pair of the monitors and a sub-woofer and I'll be all set. They're really good. Crisp and clear. Good range and is good for audio post/editing. I've used them before and have been hooked. At the moment, I can hardly do much with my dinky computer speakers. Bah... Will have to check out the prices again to see how much they cost now. The new ones are nice cause they've all got the curved edges compared to the older ones which were squarish. Will go along well with one of the Eurorack mixers I've been looking at as well. Only problem if I get the whole kit and caboodle is that I'll need someone to solder me some leads. Not too sure how to do it myself. :-(


Good luck with the speakers... as you know, I've been saying I'm going to purchase myself new equipment for sometime... ARGH.

A couple of friends of mine in Helsinki got exactly that Genelec+Eurorack combo and they're extremely happy with them. We've been carrying them around to small gigs, galleries, movie screenings in peoples living rooms... anything goes.

Haha... I know some people here who are doing the same thing too.

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