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Tuesday, December 5, 2006

Travel Bug

Renewed some paperwork yesterday so my travel documents are all in tip top condition. It's easy doing it here. If you've got everything in order, it's always smooth sailing. In less than 15 minutes everything is ready. Meanwhile, my family are off to New Zealand in the next week or so for two whole weeks and poor ole me will be stuck here. Yup, I didn't get a ticket. Oh well. I'm gonna need a holiday myself soon before I go barmy. This is the longest I've been without any. Every other year I've always been traveling. Most times to Europe with the exception of last year where I went to a few places in Florida (Jupiter, Del Ray, Miami, Palm Beach, Orlando), NYC and Washington DC. So yeah, the travel bug has bitten and I'm itching to travel again. Maybe next year. Travel suggestions are welcomed.

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