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Sunday, August 13, 2006

MyChingo - Audio Comment System

MyChingo on mediasushiI came across this fancy web gizmo thing today, called MyChingo, and implemented it on the site. It basically lets visitors leave a voicemail (you need a mic to do this, of course!) in mp3 format. Now these, you can either make public or private through the admin panel. For now, I've made it private so that only I can listen to them and then decide whether or not I'd like to make them public. Visitors to mediasushi can now leave me a voicemail (look under Contact in the right-hand column) that is up to 2 minutes long - that's the restriction of signing up for the free version. Quite frankly, I don't mind it as I'm not expecting endless drivel. However, if you would like to have the option of longer voicemails (up to 30 minutes per voicemail), you can always sign-up for a subscription. Monthly, it is USD3.95 and annually, it is USD45.00. So go ahead and leave me a voicemail - comments, questions, etc.

UPDATE: 19/08/2006

With MyChingo, if you do not have a microphone to leave a voicemail, you can still leave a text message. Visitors to the site can read these text messages by clicking on the MyChingo RSS feed on the MyChingo interface.


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