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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Making Money Online - Part 3

So far the one way to make money online that has been really successful for me is to sell royalty-free photos on Fotolia. Within the first month of uploading photos to Fotolia, I made my first sale and it hasn't stopped since. Of course, the more photos you upload to the site, the higher the chances are for a sale to be made because somehow, somwhere, someone will be looking for just the photo you have. It's definitely a great way to make your digital photos work for you instead of just leaving them on your computer hard disk. So if you have a digital camera, get snapping and sign-up with Fotolia.

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Fotolia's great! Thanks for putting me on to it. It helped me find great food photos to use at my website: http://www.foodvirgin.com. Later, I signed up to sell some of my own pics, and have sold 3! :-)

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