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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

The Storm

It's going to storm here again... I can see the rain in the distance

and the grey clouds are swirling round in the sky like cotton candy being spun

it's amazing being so high up and being able to see the details in the clouds... they seem like as if they are doing this quiet and slow calming dance... contradictory to their very nature of being storm clouds

and as they slowly move in en masse, the thunder rolls in together almost as if to announce the entrance of the great storm that is coming...

lightning lights up the sky, flashes here and there like that from the cameras of paparazzi eagerly cashing in on the moment...

then... suddenly without warning, the clouds let go the load they've been carrying...

they gladly give it up and tiny droplets of crystalline water fall from the sky...




onto the ground

flowing into every pore of mother earth, who has been waiting for this very moment for as long as time has existed

washing her, cleansing her

giving her a new lease of life

and hope.

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