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Sunday, April 16, 2006


A friend of mine introduced me to Pandora not too long ago and ever since I've been hooked. It's a great site for music created by the Music Genome Project. You simply key in the name of an artist or title of a song into the Pandora panel...

Pandora panel

...and the system will then create a Station based on what you've typed in.

Pandora panel showing stations and current track

The maximum number of Stations you can have is 100. If you want to create new ones you'll just have to do some housekeeping and remove some older ones first.

The other cool feature on the Pandora panel is that you can give a Thumbs Up (I Like It) or Thumbs Down (I Don't Like It) on the tracks being played on your selected Station...

Pandora panel drop menu

...and if you really like a song, you can even add it to your Favorites page (here's mine), which you can display on your own website.

So... I know you're gonna ask... is Pandora free?? Well, it is but you'll have to bear with the ads that come with it. At the moment there are none so I'm quite happy. Then there is also the ad-free version, which of course you'll have to pay a subscription for. Anyway, enough already... go give it a try!

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