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Wednesday, February 1, 2006

Lo Hei At Fullerton

Lo hei

This was the colourful 'lo hei' (toss up) dish at the Fullerton on the first day of Chinese New Year. It was a real pleasant surprise midway during my meal. The restaurant served this dish to each table, which was nice. Not sure who invented this dish as it only appeared in recent years. I don't remember having any when I was growing up. Anyway, the dish, as you can see... has lots of colourful stuff in it... they're mostly crunchy vege and pickle-like stuff, there's also 'yu sheng' (raw fish) nestled in between, some sesame seeds and ground nuts, etc. You sprinkle on some spice powder, which has cinnamon in it I think, and some pepper and then pour on some oil and sweet sauce. Then the fun begins. Time for the toss up. This is where everyone at the table takes their chopsticks and stirs and tosses up the ingredients on the plate. Depending on how rowdy the crowd is, this can get really messy! After a few tosses, the 'lo hei' dish is ready for eating.



I sourcing for a Lo Hei photo for my project.

You photo is just what I am looking for. Can I have the permission to use your photos?

Look forward to hear from you. Thanks.

Regards, Lydia

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