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Monday, January 30, 2006

Blast That Sound Blaster

Today, I decided to test out my new synth with my computer. As usual... problems abound. For some weird reason, my computer wouldn't record any audio - it used to be able to. After spending the whole afternoon tinkering with the blasted Creative audio mixer and various audio software programmes and different combos of cable connections... I tried one last ditch attempt to resolve my problem. I decided to reinstall the Creative sound card application all over again. Rebooted. Tried to launch the Creative Wave programme and that stopped working. Tried out Sound Forge instead and hooked up a dinky microphone to do a quick test. No sound. Went into Creative audio mixer, turned the volume up for the microphone and enabled it. Voila... I started to see levels at last! Tested recording something with the mic and it worked. Yay! Next, I removed the mic, plugged in the SPDIF between the synth and the computer... used Sound Forge to record again. Once again... I see levels. Hooray! Everything works now. Maaan... At last I can churn out some music ideas.

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