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Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Lim's At Subang Parade, Malaysia

Well boys and girls, I'm back from my short trip to KL in Malaysia and all I did was stuffed my face with all my favourite local food. :-) Hehehehe...

Discovered this really nice place in Subang Parade (a local mall) called Lim's that serves up local food but it was a little on the pricey side. :-( Had this delicious big plate of nasi lemak there... yum....

Nasi lemak

As you can see from the pic, it came with one yummy spicy drumstick, a big blob of sambal, half a hard-boiled egg, some cucumber (hiding beneath the egg) and some fried peanuts and anchovies. Mmmmm...

Other dishes they sell there is asam laksa, which isn't too bad and the usual toasted bread with kaya. That's all I tried when I went there. Couldn't eat anymore. :-P


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