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Friday, December 30, 2005

Sculpture Square

I walk by Sculpture Square quite often because it's usually on the way to the Peace Centre where there's a music shop that I frequent. Usually, the Square would be busy with activities like exhibitions, batik printing workshops and all kinds of artsy things. On Christmas eve, however, it was quiet but there were new sculptures...

Sculptures at Sculpture Square

...and what really made me stop that day was this great mural on the wall of the old Church (now part of Sculpture Square) that caught my attention when I was across the road...

Mural at Sculpture Square

It's interesting how the place here has a knack of repurposing old buildings for various uses, which is great because it would've been a shame to tear down a historical building. Anyway, according to a sign posted by the National Heritage Board:

Built between 1870 - 75, the Middle Road Church was first known as The Christian Institute. Here, young men gathered for recreational activities and daily worship made possible by Charles Phillips, its trustee. He invited the Methodists to use it from 1885 until it was formally transferred to them in 1892. It housed the Methodist Girls' School until 1900 and was shared with a group of Straits Chinese formed by Methodist missionaries in 1890.

When it was officially inaugurated as the Malay Church in 1894, it became the first Straits Chinese Methodist Church in Singapore. It remained here until 1929 when it moved to Kampong Kapor and is now known as the Kampong Kapor Methodist Church.

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