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Thursday, December 22, 2005

Korg Triton Extreme Or Canon EOS 20D?

I'm stuck between the Korg Triton Extreme and Canon EOS 20D. Which should I get for myself this Christmas? Argh... LOL. I love them both. I love making music and taking photos. However, when I travel... I obviously can't quite carry the keyboards around. So maybe the camera first then keyboards later? Hmmm...

UPDATE: 25/12/2005

Well, yesterday I went to the music store to look at the Korg again and surprise, surprise... the store is having a big sale. The price of the Korg has dropped significantly and not only that... it now comes with a bag, stand, pedal and headphones. Yippee! Definitely a better deal than when I looked at it about a month or two ago. Unfortunately for me, I didn't walk home with it yesterday. They ran out of stock so I now have to wait for about another 2 weeks before I get my very own. :-) Yeah! Plus they'll deliver it too. Can't wait!


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Hey, where's the KORG music store? I'm thinking of buying a KORG 61key but dun know where it is sold in singapore. help!thanks

Go to City Music (http://www.citymusic.com.sg)

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