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Sunday, December 11, 2005

ZoukOut 2005

Wow... what an experience ZoukOut was. It was crazy trying to get there. The long line getting into Sentosa Island was super long! The number of taxis going in were like bees to honey. Once on the island, finding parking was like finding a needle in a haystack but hey... I wasn't the one driving. Hehe... Once parking was settled... the group ambled off to the ZoukOut entrance only to be greeted by another long line there. Two of us had to get tickets so had to stand in another line. The others got in with the tickets they'd bought earlier in the week. Finally make it through the narrow gap in the so-called gate manned by security who kept yelling out to people to stop pushing, etc. No one really cared. LOL. Betcha the guy is going to be hoarse today.

Once in... that was not the end of the lines yet. There was another line to get into... this was the main one where tickets would be checked and finally entry into the ZoukOut area allowed. That line was sooooo long it was unbelievable. Fortunately, we didn't have to be in it... due to some good fortune we were allowed through the gates for special passholders, VIPs, etc. That really saved all of us a lot of time. I reckon if we'd stood in line, it'd would've taken about 30 mins! So we finally got out of the heat and onto the beach area. Yeah! Just as we went through the gates... the FHM ladies sashayed out... wooo... (Note: The mag had a big stand inside with a pool table and some foosball thingy).

The first thing we saw upon entering was the huge Sony stand. So the group of us went and took a photo there and the Sony people gave us a print-out and pasted a copy on the photo board they had there. (Note: Later, we went back to look at the photo again only to find it missing! Who'd want to take it??). After that we went and scoped out the rest of the place to see what was going on in all the different areas. At this time, I think the Main Arena and Velvet Underground areas were still not as busy as the Mambo Jumbo area! That place was packed with people dancing. So whilst all that was going on, two in the group decided to do the bungee thing. *chuckle* They had fun and the rest of us had fun watching and laughing.

Here's how the Velvet Underground area looked like early in the night... not quite chock-a-block yet...

Velvet Underground DJ stage

Velvet Underground from the bungee place

Finally, we hung out at the Main Arena... it was great there! The lights, the dancers squeezed on the podium doing their thing, the music...

The Main Arena

The grooving crowd at the Main Arena

Flame jugglers and laser lights

Nick Warren, one half of Way Out West, was spinning there...

Nick Warren

Nick Warren on stage

And Armin Van Buuren...

Armin Van Buuren

Later, there was a great wind by the beach and then I smelled the rain coming and told the gang about it. True enough... after we got into the booth next to the stage, it poured and people started to dash in. Good thing the booth didn't just cave in under all that weight! We got stuck there till about 5ish? Then when there was a break in the weather, we headed out to try and get out of Sentosa. The entrance area into the ZoukOut area was crazy... people standing around, sitting on the floors. Looked like a refugee camp! 8-) LOL. Unbelievably, people were still coming in as we were leaving the place. WTH! We opted to take the bus to get off the island. The poor mugs who were standing in line for the taxis... I hope they got their ride home as most taxis coming in were "on call." Anyway, looks like we were one of the early batches to leave the island by bus. It took us to the Harbour Front bus terminus and we got off there and had some breakfast at the food stalls there. Then when we tried to catch a taxi... it was almost impossible because everyone who got off the buses had the same idea! It was funny watching this people taking up one lane of the road and trying to hijack every taxi that came down the road. We were lucky to get into a "shift changing" taxi that was going to Tiong Bahru... not that any of us lives there but it made better sense to take the taxi there anyway and then proceed to get another taxi or whatever to go home. Far from the madding crowd! Two in the group got off somewhere along the way and I got off at Tiong Bahru and caught the MRT (by then the train services had just started. LOL!) to head back east. By the time I got home, it was dawn... I showered, did some laundry, unwind for a bit, checked my emails, dumped the photos off the mobile onto my PC and started writing this post.

Did you have a good time there?

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