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Monday, December 5, 2005

Make A Bee Line To The Line

About two weeks ago, I went to The Line. It's this huge buffet place at the Shangri-La Hotel. Trust me, this is the mother-of-all-buffets. Go down the escalator in the hotel lobby and you'll get to the entrance...

Entrance to The Line

The decor of the place has a loungey/retro feel to it and the restaurant is lit by funky orange and white lighting panels.

The Line seating area

There's even retro looking carpets...

Retro looking carpet

More seating can also be found by the bar area in The Line...

More seating by the bar area at The Line

The first thing I went for was the cold seafood counter. Yum!

Cold seafood counter

Just look at those yummy, succulent lobsters...

Lobsters on ice

I grabbed some of course, along with some other cold seafood thingy in a glass...

My plate!

Next, I had some Japanese sushi. Sorry, didn't photograph any of them... was too busy eating! Hehe... But they were really, really good. There was a great variety of sushi and sashimi. I also had a minestrone soup. It's unlike any I've had anywhere. Full of yummy goodness - rich and wholesome. Frankly, the whole place was like Disneyland to me. Every food counter/area was like an adventure and I felt like a kid running amuck through it. It was exciting just to lift the silver covers of the food warmers up just to see what was inside...

One of many food counters

I also tried out the grilled food...

Grilled food

Which you can actually see them grilling behind a big glass enclosure...

The grill

There are many other types of food at the place. The Indian food is definitely good. Satay there is also good - the meat is not tough at all and not overcooked and simply slides off the stick. Just round the corner from the Indian food is the chicken rice/noodle counter. There's also a dim sum area. Just loads of food-lah! :-P

The highlight of the place was of course the dessert counter... yum! Loads of desserts that's for sure! There's all sorts of jelly to be had...


Local kuih (cakes) and fruits...

Colourful kuih and fruits

All manner of sweet things in cups and glasses...

Desserts in cups and glasses

More desserts

These looked really pretty but didn't get a chance to try them...

Desserts in red cups

More cakes...


And best of all... a chocolate fountain in which you can dip your fruits and tiny biscuity things on sticks.

Chocolate fountain

So what are you waiting for? Make like a bee and buzz on over to...

The Line
Lower Lobby
Shangri-La Hotel
22 Orange Grove Road
Singapore 258350

Tel: 6213-4275


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