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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Dolsot Bi Bim Bap At Manna Korean Restaurant

Nothing is as yummy or as filling as a Korean bi bim bap and in this case, Dolsot bi bim bap. Dolsot bi bim bap is served in a preheated bowl so your meal is always steaming hot. Yum! The one I had last night was the beef one. It comes with one egg yolk, shredded carrots, cucumber and mushroom and some kind of leafy greens. I think there was bean sprouts as well. Can't remember. It's topped with some sesame seeds and special chili sauce. To eat, you simply stir all these things in your bowl till it's all nicely combined to your liking. On the side, I got a bowl of egg drop soup and some cold cucumbers seasoned with chilli, fried anchovies and kim chi!! Oh man... yum... *burp*

Dolsot bi bim bap

Where can you find Manna Korean Restaurant? Well the one I ate at last night was at the Takashimaya food court. But you can also find other outlets at Tampines Mall, Sembawang Shopping Centre, SMU and Millenia Walk. Currently, Manna has a loyalty program in place. Collect ten stamps and you will be entitled to one free meal or a SGD10 voucher for the main restaurant.

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