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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Outfits, Music, Films & That Dreaded Rain

After a day deliberating whether or not I should get a pair of jeans that I saw at MNG yesterday... I decided... I'll get it. So off to Orchard I went this evening. I decided to go to the MNG outlet in Isetan the one in the tunnel... I think it's the one in Wisma Atria. When I got there, I found the jeans... tried it on and then told the sales lady that I needed to get them altered. Their pants always fit me well at the top but is always super long at the bottom. The lady came round with her measuring tape, measured and all was set. I checked the jeans and found that it was a little damaged at the back so she scurried off to find me a new pair. Yay! I paid for it and the alteration will take about 7-10 days. It'll be ready some time next week.

Next I headed off to Tangs to see what I could buy with some vouchers I have but alas nothing caught my eye. I'll have to use the vouchers soon though as they're gonna expire. Any ideas on what I should get with them? The clothes and shoes there weren't too hot there this time round and I've already got plenty of kitchen appliances and cooking/baking stuff.

Finally, I went to Takashimaya. I made a bee line to the food court in the basement for dinner first. I was starving so I had this really filling Korean meal, which I'll talk about in my next post. After dinner, I slowly mooched on upstairs to Zara. They've got some really nice winter stuff but too bad there ain't no winter here! I do miss wearing my winter gear though. Then went into Takashimaya itself and found a shirt there that'll go with another shirt I have. Got it and decided to head off to the bookshop, Kinokuniya. Didn't realise how late it was. The bookshop was in the middle of pulling down its shutters when I got there. *sigh* So I decided to call it a night and go home.

In the middle of walking towards Somerset MRT, it started to rain suddenly. I had to dash into one of the SingTel phone booths by the traffic lights (you know, the ones across from Heeren) to take cover. Waited for the pedestrian lights to change to green in the phone booth. The one that turned green was the one for crossing over to the Heeren. Since that was a lot closer to get to than the MRT, I decided to head on over there instead. When I got there, I dried myself off with a piece of tissue paper then went into the cold, cold building and went into HMV. I mooched around there for a bit whilst waiting for the rain to stop. I ended up buying two music CDs there (one by Incognito and the other by Jamiroquai) and two DVDs. One a documentary and the other an art film (Balseros and In The Mood For Love). For fear of buying too many things there, I decided to leave after an hour and guess what... That dreaded rain was still going. :-P Phooey! Non-stop rain. Buckets of rain. Loads of rain. Just rain, rain, rain. After awhile, it was less heavy and I took my chances. I dashed across the road again and took cover in the good old phone booth. Then when the light turned green for me to cross over towards the MRT, I made a dash again. Finally I make it to the MRT station and got home and was it still raining? Yeah! Even now it is still raining. I'll probably pop a film into the DVD player in a few. So good luck and goodnight!

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