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Thursday, November 10, 2005

muvee autoProducer 4

muvee autoProducer 4I've been wanting to write about this piece of software for ages but haven't found the time to do so. Why? Because I've been so busy playing around with it. :-) It's a real boon to those with a ton of digital photos and home videos, like me. I really love it. At first I was skeptical (having worked in TV before I was skeptical as to how the software can work out the right edit points, figure out transitions, cut to the music beat, etc.) but muvee autoProducer
just amazes me by how it can cleverly put together a really neat video presentation, called a muvee, of my digital photos and home videos in a matter of minutes and... the best part is that it is so easy to use. The learning curve is almost nil compared to when I was trying to figure out Premiere. Here's why... just take a look at the interface of muvee autoProducer
below. It's super simple!

muvee autoProducer screenshot
Click here for larger image.

Really, all you need to do is select the digital photos or home video you want to use and add them into your muvee. These can be files already on your computer or you can grab directly from your digital video camera. If you want, it can even be a combination of both your digital photos AND home video. No problemo. Next, add some music. Formats accepted are wav, mp3, wma and asf. Here's a closer look of the Add Video/Pictures and Add Music interfaces:

Add Video/Pictures & Add Music

Then the next thing you want to do is select a style for your muvee. In the screenshot below, I've selected Cinema. It is a "moderately-paced widescreen style with color enrichment." As you can see, there are also many other styles which you can select if you do not like Cinema. In fact, muvee autoProducer
comes with 24 default styles for you to choose from and if that is not enough, well you can buy more style packs online.

Select Style

Next, add title and credits to your muvee. There is a lot of flexibility here - you can use the default background for title and credits, choose to use a color for it or use your own image. Font types, styles, colors and sizes can also be changed.

Add Title/Credits
Click here for larger image.

Finally, when you are satisfied with the choices you've made, simply click on the "make muvee" button and the software will do the rest - it will analyze the video, pictures and music you've added and transform them into a muvee which you can then save into various formats.

Save muvee

Interested in getting a copy? Try out the free muvee autoProducer
trial first and only purchase it if you really like it. Definitely a great way to get those summer holiday, Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas videos and photos out to friends and family fast!

UPDATE: 11/11/2005

Listen to the Chris Pirillo Show on muvee.


HI my name is jessie and I just wanted to say that this is the coolest thing ever!!!!!!

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