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Monday, October 3, 2005

Making Money Online

Well, now that I've got this website up and running for about a year... I'm starting to look at ways to make it self-sufficient. Right now, I'm trying out AdBrite. They basically provide a platform for both advertisers and publishers to buy and sell online ad space. As a publisher, you can choose to set your own price or allow the system to automatically set it for you. Right now, because I've just started out, I've opted for the auto pricing. It's a real bargain if you're looking to advertise here. ;-) Simply click on the link that says "Advertise on mediasushi," whereever you see it on the site, for the pricing details. So far I've made some money from some network ads. Not much but it's a start. So no harm in trying if you've got a website.

UPDATE: 06/07/2006

Making Money Online - Part 2

UPDATE: 22/07/2006

Making Money Online - Part 3

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