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Friday, September 16, 2005

Charles Evans, The Kid In The Blue T-Shirt

Ok, there's more on the articulate kid in the blue t-shirt whom I mentioned in my post entitled, "Kids' Views On The Hurricane Aftermath." In the latest Nightly News with Brian Williams clip, we learn that the boy is 9-years old and his name is Charles Evans. This kid is just something. I hope good things will go his way as he grows up. He deserves it.

*If your Firefox browser don't work with the clip, try IE. :-(

UPDATE: 19/09/2005

Haha... was watching the Emmys live this morning on local TV here and towards the end, the kid was on in a suit!

UPDATE: 26/09/2005

Here's an article from the LA Times on Charles: Storm-tossed Child

*For some weird reason, linking to that article requires registration but if you can find it on Google and link from there, you don't have to.

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