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Sunday, September 4, 2005

Buffet At The Fullerton

I went to the Fullerton Hotel tonight for a seafood buffet dinner. After the standards kinda dropped over at the Intercontinental Hotel, this has now been my regular joint for buffets. I don't know why but the Intercon has stopped serving lobsters the last two times I've been there... so the Fulley it is for me now. :-)

Service there is great. The minute you step into the restaurant, the staff at the counter smiles, greets you and takes you to your table. As you walk in, other staff you pass by will smile and welcome you too. They all seem really happy... which is a good sign.

Normally, when you are seated, you'd be served a basket of bread but tonight the bread was different. It was bread baked in a clay pot...

Potted bread

The one thing I like about the buffet here is that they have a Japanese counter with loads of sushi and sashimi. For tonight I had mostly sushi. In the photo below, from left to right, sake (salmon) sushi, kappa (Japanese cucumber) maki and tamago (egg) sushi...

Assortment of sushi

Then I had some lobster... yum!


And of course other food, which I can't photograph because I was too busy digging in. :-P

Finally, of course, my all time favorite after a meal is dessert. :-) Tonight I had, from left to right, kuih dadar (a local crepe filled with dessicated coconut and sweetened with palm sugar), a hazel nut cream thing in a cup and an almond pear tart. *burp*

Yummy dessert

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