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Sunday, August 21, 2005

Reaching Out For Ricciotti

This evening I discovered Ricciotti, an Italian deli and pastry place out by the Singapore River. The first thing that drew me to it was the wonderful display of desserts and the deli counter which I could see through the glass frontage. The menu itself was also very enticing. Very Italian indeed so I gave it a try.

I was delighted to find that on the menu, they had one of my favorite Italian snacks - suppli. Their version of it had Mozarella cheese, some mince meat with some tomato sauce wrapped in rice and then deep fried. I also tried the crab cakes. Absolutely delicious and tasty, especially with the orange flavored mayo. For my main meal I had a simple linguine with prawns. It wasn't too oily and neither was it too heavy. Nicely seasoned and tasty.

Finally, the grand finale was the dessert. Feast your eyes...

Morbida, cassata Siciliana and espresso

Cassata Siciliana, bocconotti and espresso

The first one I tucked into was the cassata Siciliana...

Cassata Siciliana

It's made out of riccota cheese and candied fruit. Covered with chocolate and pistachio marzipan.

Next, I tried the bocconotti - sort of an almond cake dusted with sugar. A bit dry and crumbly.


Last one is obviously the morbida... what I call "Death by Chocolate." It had a biscuit base, and in between the layers of the cake was chocolate cream/sauce that just oozed out when you cut through it. On the top of the cake, there is a small piece of praline and a coffee bean.


And to stop myself from feeling sick, I had an espresso. :-)

Would I go back to this place again? Yes... definitely and if you want to try Ricciotti for yourself, you can find it at:

The Riverwalk
20 Upper Circular Road
Singapore 058416

Tel: 6533-9060
Fax: 6535-5915

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