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Saturday, August 20, 2005

My Experience With Lulu.com

Well, I finally got around putting together a calendar on Lulu.com but have encountered some bugs with their system. It's been a little over a week since I posted the issue on their support forums (yeah, they moved support to the forums) and have yet to receive any sort of help or response. This has been the most disppointing part especially after I've heard all the rave reviews about the great customer support they supposedly have.

At the moment, the bug I keep encountering is when I try to Save after editing the Calendar Title and Description. Somehow or another the system does not allow me to save any of the changes I make. Instead I keep getting the following error message:

There was a problem saving your calendar. Please correct the areas in red below.

The problem is that there are no areas in red shown in any of the fields on that page. So what then?

There also seems to be a load of other issues regarding Calendars that I've been seeing on the forums at Lulu.com. One of the major ones seem to be that dates are printed for the month of January and then after that, there's none for the other months. That sure don't sound too good to me and that issue also has been raised a number of times on the forums. However, none of the posters have received any sort of help or response to date. :-(

Well... will see what happens next week.

UPDATE: 23/08/2005

Finally someone at Lulu.com responds. Said that the issues will be fixed in a system upgrade in two weeks! Will see...

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