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Sunday, July 31, 2005

2005 National Day Rehearsals

For the past two Saturdays, I've been hanging around the Fullerton Hotel area to try and photograph bits of the National Day rehearsals (btw, National Day in Singapore is on August 9th). As I'm not one of the privileged few with tickets to the rehearsals, all I could do was be in the areas outside the barriers set up by security (military personnel, police, plain clothes police - the place was crawling with them everywhere).

Military personnel on guard

There was no way I could get anywhere near to the 'padang' (field), where the main events are held, so my shots are limited to things going on elsewhere.

One of the spectaculars that happen every year are the parachuters...

Parachuters above the Fullerton Hotel

Parachuters prepping to land at the 'padang'

And of course the grand arrival of the Singapore flag accompanied by three Chinooks. You definitely cannot miss this amazing sight if you are ever in Singapore in the month of July, during the Saturday rehearsals.

Chinooks with Singapore flag flying over the Fullerton Hotel

Chinooks flying by the 'padang'

Then usually after, you get the show of air power! Jets galore - F-16s, all manner of planes... reconnaisance, refueller, transport, etc. and also helicopters.

The first three jets fly over the Fullerton Hotel

Then an amazing display by these five jets




Next is then a show of ground equipment. We're talking super heavy-duty stuff here. First we have the tanks... and boy, these things move fast!

Here comes the tanks!

These tanks move fast!

Fast tank... again

Some tank tranporters? Can someone please confirm what these are.

Some sort of tank transporter?

Tank transporter?

Jeeps and trucks...

Military jeeps

Military trucks

More tanks... can never get enough of them...

Tanks again

More tanks

Then you get the big guns...

Big gun

Big gun again

And here's a truck transporting some sort of equipment... maybe a generator?

Truck hauling stuff

Another tank transporter hauling equipment?

Tank transporter again?

Well... that's it for now. More photos in my next post. Enough for today!

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