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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

My Photos At Hype Gallery

The Hype Gallery is now in Singapore at The Arts House. It's a project that first originated in London to provide "aspiring artists, photographers and film makers an opportunity" to showcase their work.

Hype at The Arts House

Hype Gallery entrance

I've submitted two works for display. They were up yesterday but will be rotated when more submissions come in.

Black and white of Selfridge's skybridge to parking structure

Holga pic at the top

The prints (ID number: 6450 & 6450-2 respectively) are also up for sale in three different sizes: A1, A2 and 40x60 inches. To look for my photos, simply go to Pages 16 & 17 at this link or simply enter the ID numbers above into the Search box.

After printing costs are deducted, 30% of proceeds will be donated to The Business Times Budding Artists Fund. So please help support and buy today! :-)

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