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Saturday, July 16, 2005

Thai Airways - BKK-JFK

Wow... what a trip I had. I'm back. Just recently recovered from my jet lag and sore throat. Couldn't really access the Internet whilst on the road. No laptop to use the free wi-fi around. :-( Oh well... so now here's a recap of my flight from Bangkok (BKK) to New York City (JFK) on June 8...

I got stuck at Bangkok for an extra hour. The flight got delayed. But good thing I had given myself a lot of time for my connecting flight out of New York City (JFK) to West Palm Beach (PBI). Phew! Plus with all the new security checks and precautions implemented State side, you just never know. Always good to give yourself plenty of time when travelling there.

After a few hours hanging around at the Bangkok airport listening to my music on my cell phone, it was time to board the plane. It was really exciting. I hadn't been back State side since I left ten years ago. Anyway, I got on the plane, found my seat and got someone to help me put my carry-on in the overhead compartment. Hehe... The seating on the plane was great - plenty of leg room and colorful seats! Felt like I was on a party plane. The seat arrangements were 2-3-2.

Colorful seats in the Thai Airways Airbus 340

Again, this flight wasn't really completely full. Once everyone settled down, people started to switch seats with some stretching out over three seats! I don't recommend that because you won't be belted down that way and you just never know when there would be turbulence. Anyway, the seats are really comfortable and you can recline them quite far back. The head rests can be adjusted as well - the sides can be bent forward so your head can rest on them. I like this feature a lot because it stops me from getting a neck ache when I fly.

Now to the in-flight entertainment... wooo! It's one of the best is all I can say. A whole load of movies available for viewing, which you can start, stop, pause, rewind, forward, etc. All on demand of course, which means you don't have to wait for it to start. You can watch the movie anytime you want to. I watched Hitch (fun and light-hearted), Be Cool (funny), Melinda Melinda (one of Woody Allen's worse!), Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events (this was a really good movie for kids), National Treasure (suspenseful, sorta like an American version of The Da Vinci Code, a great guide to DC) and an episode of The West Wing (yeah, they had a load of TV shows as well). Also listened to the great choice of music that was on board and played the multiplayer games! Woo... I was on the trivia one most times but no one was playing it. :-( I was the only player on it and couldn't compete with any other passenger. Phooey! Oh well...

Again, the food on this flight was good. Unfortunately, I forgot to write down what was served. :-( There was constant pampering and feeding on this flight as well. The flight attendants were also good at making sure that we got plenty of liquids too so that we don't get dehydrated. Water is a good way to lessen jet lag. So I drank plenty of it. Of course this also meant that I had to go to the toilet a lot but it was really clean because well... it's constantly cleaned by the flight crew.

The flight path taken by this flight is a first for me. To think that planes have advanced so much. The Airbus 340 I was on flew out from Bangkok, up along the coast of the Asian continent into Russia and at which point the plane then switched course and flew near to the Artic circle then entered the US at Alaska. From there, the plane then continued on into the northern part of Canada and flew towards the east coast of the American continent and subsequently to New York City (JFK). It was an amazing flight - non-stop and took only about 17 hours! To think that years before, this flight would have taken me about 22 hours or more with at least one stop-over.

Flight data

Sky map


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