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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Thai Airways - SIN-BKK

At last an Internet connection. :-) Here's a post that I wrote on paper whilst enroute to JFK.

June 07, 2005
9:58 pm (Singapore time)

Currently in the middle of my flight now from Singapore to Bangkok. According to the in-flight information, I'm somewhere over Johor, Malaysia.

The flight isn't very full. There are empty seats around. The person sitting behind me has stretched his leg next to my chair so that when I look over my armrest on my left, I not only see the aisle but also his foot! Yech! So far no smell but he coughs and sneezes a lot. Hopefully I don't catch any crap from him.

As for the guy sitting next to me... well, earlier he was constantly messing around with his mobile phone. Sure, the plane was still on the tarmac when he was doing it but just before it started to taxi to position, I had to tell the guy to switch his mobile phone off! Argh!

Then there was also some other guy sitting waaaay behind me who was already snoring the minute he got into his seat. You know, the type of snoring that sounds like the person's head is thrown back wih mouth open... the snore was a mix between that and a nasty watery gurgle.

Overall, I'm quite enjoying Thai Airways.

10:00 pm (Singapore time)

Ooh... the beverage cart is out! The flight attendants on the flight are all decked out in really colorful and bright colors. Great! Now I see the food cart. :-) I smell food too! Must be dinner soon! Woo hoo!

Before I forget... earlier during the usual security check, I didn't set any alarms off. I walked through the detector and didn't beep. So that is good. No hassle, no pat down. :-)

Ok... now about the food. Two choices - a fried noodle dish with chicken and a fish curry with vegetables and rice. I opted for the fish curry but alas it was not spicy at all! I suppose to cater to people not used to spicy food. I guess that's good. No upset tummies on board!

The food tray came with the main meal, a cold chicken and pineapple salad, a bread roll with butter and a pink agar-agar dessert. As for drinks, I asked for white wine. Had two glasses of that then had some coffee.

Overall, service for this flight was fantastic. The aisles were constantly busy. It was like a mad rush. Constant service and pampering. The flight attendants were always looking to help and refill drinks, which was great. They even offered Camus or whatever it's called to passengers but I didn't see anyone take it. Haha...

Towards the end of the flight, the female flight attendants changed their outfits! From the colorful, traditional outfits to a more modern, business-like attire. Now which airline actually does that for a short-haul flight!

Female passengers also got a lovely orchid corsage as a parting gift at journey's end. That's impressive. Definitely a difference compared with other airlines.

Disembarking was relatively easy at Bangkok but be warned... there's plenty of walking to do. I landed at Terminal 1 and had to walk to Terminal 2. Took about 10 mins, fast walk. The terminals are interconnected so there's no need to exit the building at all.

My next flight to JFK is scheduled to depart at Gate 56, Terminal 2. So I had to walk for a bit then go up an escalator and walk some more! Along the way, there are many little bank booths. There's even a Thai Military Bank! Then, before I reached my gate area, I had to go through another security check. Again, I passed with flying colors. No beeps! :-) Overall, the Bangkok Airport isn't as fancy as the Singapore one. Oh well... can't have everything.

11:25 pm (Bangkok time is one hour behind S'pore)

About the Bangkok Airport...

One thing that I don't like about this place is that there are hardly any information monitors. You only see them at key points like just after you disembark and then they're almost non-existent. So my suggestion is after you get off a flight, aways ask the ground staff stationed outside your disembarkation gate where your connection is. They will have the latest on info on hand.

The decor of the airport is very sparse. A lot of grey walls and wide open spaces.

11:50 pm (Bangkok time)

Some poor schmucks obviously must have missed their connection to Munich! They've been constantly paged over the PA system. Frantic airport staffers have also been trying to locate them. *laugh* Anyway I'm chilling out now, listening to my music on my phone! Woo hoo! The only thing I'd complain is that there's hardly any bass on this thing. Too much on the top end. No way to boost the bass, unfortunately. :-(

More on the airport... not only are the walls grey, so is the carpeting! Yech! The lighting - nothing fancy, no halogens or warm colored lighting. It's just plain, dull, office-type lighting - white flourescents.

About 2 rows in front of me here, in the waiting area, are two monks in their orange robes. Looks like they're heading out to JFK as well.

The only "luxuries" I see around here in the waiting areas are the tv sets - all mostly tuned to sports! Phooey!

Oh yeah, on the long walk here, I passed by the fancy, swanky looking lounges for various airlinres - most of which I don't qualify for. :-P What a life!

There are people sleeping around here. Maybe they arrived really early in the day? They're stretched out on some of the chairs here.

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