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Sunday, May 22, 2005

A Quiet Sunday Afternoon at Eski Bar

Yet another late post. :-P Seems like I can never get enough of Eski Bar (you can find two older posts here and here of the same place). Last Sunday, I headed out to Eski again after having lunch at Molly's across the street. It was a hot afternoon so the chill at the bar was a real relief. The first thing you will encounter when you enter the first set of doors at the bar is the plastic curtain to keep out the heat.

Plastic curtain

Then once inside, lo and behold the ice bar on your left in all its glory! This first room that you enter is supposed to be the coldest one in the bar. It's also become somewhat of a tourist spot. When I was there last Sunday, there were tourists dropping by to snap photos. *chuckle*

Eski ice bar

Eski ice bar and colorful bottles

Eski ice bar, facing the glass frontage

Eski ice bar and stools

Here's the reason why the first room is sooooo cold. Look at how many air-cond units they have in that small space!

Eski air-cond units

And check out the condensation on the glass frontage.

Looking out of Eski

Even the lights are in line with the ice cold theme.

Eski ice light

Finally, don't forget to give the Eski Buddha head a rub for luck!

Eski Buddha head

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