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Friday, May 20, 2005

Why so Anon?

Someone once asked me... "Why so anon online?" I'm not so worried about friends looking me up and stuff but frankly, some of you just have no idea what my mom is like. :-P She is pro at the Internet, man. *laugh* My mom may have been borned in a different era but she is a pretty modern and up-to-date chick for her age. She uses email and she chats online with her friends who have moved overseas. Heck she even sent me an email the other day asking me to get on IM! No way... :-P Haha... So why so anon online then? Well, for the simple fact that I like to have my space. A place where I can write and air my views and thoughts freely without having to worry about mom being on my back. Though most times she doesn't really do so but hey... do I really want my mom to be reading this site? *laugh* So for those of you who know me... keep it secret. ;-)

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