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Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Millionaireasia Party

I'm not a millionaire and I'm sure most of the people who went to the party last Friday (incidently... Friday the 13th) weren't either. Haha... but it was good fun after a long week. It was held at the Jet Aviation hangar out at West Camp in Seletar. Parking was across the street from it because my friends and I weren't in a fancy car... unlike the yellow Ferrari that got there the same time we did. He got directed to park right outside the entrance to the hangar facility. Lucky sod! :-P

Anyway, once inside the main building we had to show our invites to the ladies working at reception. They then matched up the names in the invites with their lists. I'm not sure how they managed because the names were printed so small on their lists. Probably at 8 pt and they were long lists as well. So after getting identified and sorted out, another lady took us down a long corridor and then lo and behold, she opened a door and there was the hangar all lit up. The walkway to the hangar was also nicely lit up with lights and oil lamps on the ground. Here's a photo of the hangar... the red things you see suspended from the ceiling are red Chinese lanterns which they have strung up.

The party hangar

Inside the hangar

There were also fancy cars there... loads of Lamborghinis! Almost half expecting Jay Kay to be there. Yeah right... Too bad none of the cars were available for test driving.

Blue Lamborghini

Lamborghinis in the distance

More Lamborghinis

For those who fancied big bikes, Harley Davidson was there too. I nearly choked when I saw the price tag on one of the bikes... about SGD44,000 (USD26,570) for one and that's not even including COE (Certificate of Entitlement) yet!

Harleys on display

And what would the would-be millionaire do without a rich man's/women's putt-putt? *smirk* There was an indoor golf thingy there where you could whack a golf ball against a big plexi screen. I thought it was stupid because the ball bounced back just as hard as it was whacked!

Indoor golf

Next to the fancy golf, was Nomura... for the would-be millionaire to part with his/her money in investments. That night however, Nomura was parting with loads of complimentary sake (Japanese rice wine). Just look at the people shimmying up to the open bar there. *laugh*

Nomura open bar

Highlight of the night has gotta be the Gulfstream parked outside the hangar. People were just lining up to get in for the tour. The plane was tiny but plush and cozy inside with nice, cushy leather seats. Costs about USD4,500 per hour to lease and most flights around the region are longer than an hour!

Gulfstream jet

Next flight to Gulf Dream, departing!

For me, the best part of the night has gotta be the food provided by Indochine. Yum! Plenty of my favorites... vegetable-prawn spring rolls, vegetable-duck spring rolls and loads of fried finger food. But the early part of the night, the chef wasn't anywhere to be seen and he left a big knife on the food table! Hello!

The food table with the big knife!

The party lasted till 11:00 pm but no one really hung around till closing. Most of us adjourned next to the Forbidden City for the after party. Yeah... *laugh*

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