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Sunday, May 15, 2005

Saturday Night at the Eski

Well, well... the Eski Bar at Circular Road is becoming quite a happening place since my last post about it. Last night, despite the heavy rain, people were packing into the place in droves. Just look at how busy the place was. There was not even a space to stand by the bar!

Busy bar

Getting a seat can be quite a challenge as well if you're not there early. Look at the crowd. Hardly any standing room at all.

Hardly any standing room

Busy, busy, busy

After awhile I finally managed to get a high seat by the wall and ordered my usual B52 shooter... now you see it...

Now you see it

And now you don't... haha... *hic*

And now you don't!

Don't forget to check out the Eski babes as well when you're there. Gotta love their outfits!

Eski babes

I also managed to get a photo of the ice bar! Check it out the minute you step into Eski. It's in the first room you enter, on your left. The bar counter is made out of real blocks of ice!

Ice bar at Eski

UPDATE: 22/05/2005

A Quiet Sunday Afternoon at Eski Bar

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