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Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Authentium's Curtains For Windows

Authentium's Curtains for WindowsAfter the debacle I had with McAfee earlier this year, I now use Authentium's Curtains for Windows on my computer. So far it has been good to me. It has detected spywares and viruses and blocked dodgey connections to my computer. Getting updates has also been fairly easy and problem-free unlike when I was on McAfee, where sometimes the updates couldn't be completed or didn't work. :-P

The one thing that I really like about Curtains for Windows is that its interface is so simple and easy to understand. It's great for the regular home-user like me. None of that tech/engineering-speak anywhere as you will see in the series of screenshots below.

Here is the Internet Control Settings screen where you can select how you want to filter web content:

Internet Control Settings

Privacy Settings are also very easy. It comprises of Banner Ad Blocking and Pop-up Ad Blocking. You either have to check or uncheck the boxes:

Privacy Settings

The settings for the Firewall are pretty straight forward too. In addition to what you see below, there is also a section for you to set the programs that are allowed to access the Internet and if you fancy yourself to be a bit of an advanced user then you can click on Advanced and set your own Firewall rules:

Firewall Settings

Antivirus set-up is simply selecting the On or Off radio buttons:

Antivirus Settings

Curtains for Windows also generates reports for Web History, Privacy and Firewall. Below is a screenshot of the Web History Report:

Web History Report

And here's the screenshot of the Virus Scan window. You can also do a scan for spyware by clicking on SpyCatcher on that same window:

Virus Scan

Finally, I'd also like to add that the tech support that I got from Authentium has been good too. Faster than McAfee. What a treat!! I got a response and solution within a day (I had a slight problem with the product key when I made the purchase online) so I'm quite happy with them. :-)

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