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Tuesday, May 3, 2005

Eski Bar - The Sub Zero Degree Bar

Two weekends ago (I know, I didn't have the time to post it at that time), after having dinner at Molly Malone's at Circular Road, I spotted a new place across from it called Eski Bar - The Sub Zero Degree Bar.

Front of Eski Bar

Close-up of the Eski Bar sign

It sounded like an interesting place, so after my meal I hopped on over to check it out. The first thing I noticed when I got there was the crazy condensation on the glass frontage and door of the bar but that didn't deter me from going in.

Check out the condensation!

Condensation on the door

Immediately after stepping into the place, you will of course feel cold as it will take some time for your body to readjust itself to the new "climate." If, however, you think you cannot 'tahan' (cannot take it) then you can always opt to borrow the in-house jackets. *laugh* Just that, I'm not sure how many people have already borrowed and worn them. :-P

Anyway, the interior is kinda funky. The seating is white in colour and lighting mostly greenish.

Low table and chairs

More of the funky interior

Bar counter

Don't forget to check out the industrial strength air-conditioning as well whilst you are there.

Eski AC

And... check out the wait staff there. They're dressed like something out of a Bond film - white winter jackets with fur-trimmed hoods, knee-high white boots, white caps and they have the ever-ready blue ear muffs ready. Gotta laugh!

Eski Bond girl

Also, if you're daring and adventurous enough... try the Waterfall. The next set of pictures will be the sequence of how the bartender preps the drink.

Bartender is trying to light some alcohol up in another glass

He manages to get a spark

The spark turns into a burning blue flame

The flame goes out and the bartender tries to light again

He then preps the next stage of the drink

He balances four glasses one on top of the other

Now he has relit the flame in the earlier glass and is shaking it around

He pours the flaming alcohol onto the glasses

The grand finale! Time to drink up!

So... where to find this place? It's at 46 Circular Road behind Boat Quay.

UPDATE: 06/05/2005

Ok... here's a quick update of the place again. I just got back from there. One thing I noticed tonight was that the bar counter in the first room (the one you first get into immediately upon entering) is made of ice! Take a good look at it when you enter Eski. It'll be on your left.

Some people were asking how much drinks costs there... well most cocktails cost SGD15. Waterfall costs SGD30. Graveyard also costs SGD30 but it's a completely shitty drink... so don't waste your money on that. The house specialty, The Sleeping Polar Bear is SGD15.

UPDATE: 15/05/2005

Saturday night at the Eski

UPDATE: 22/05/2005

A Quiet Sunday Afternoon at Eski Bar

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