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Friday, April 1, 2005

Bebel Gilberto Concert

Bebel GilbertoWow! The concert last night was great. Her band comprised of only three people, all dressed in black - one percussionist/flautist/saxophonist, one bass player and one acoustic guitarist. Bebel herself was also dressed in black - a nice, soft black halter top with matching palazzo-type pants which slightly flared at the bottom. The music was fantastic of course... stirring and sensous... Brazillian music always is.

Funny moment during the encore - the saxophonist had a problem with his instrument so that completely threw Bebel and the other two band mates off guard. Nevertheless, they all tried to perform the song without the saxophone bit but it turned out really funny. Bebel got thrown off guard so much that at first she forgot her own lyrics and started laughing. Meanwhile the bass player and acoustic guitarist got a little lost midway playing their parts. Anyway, eventually they got into the groove and managed to perform the song... with Bebel doing acapella of the saxophone bit and everytime she did that, she would turn around to look at the saxophone player who was sitting in his chair looking sheepish... the audience laughed, of course. :-)

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