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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Attempted Formmail Abuse

Checking my server logs from the last two days... and seems that there have been some attempts to try and abuse the formmail script on my site from: aka www.marysville.k12.oh.us aka wahof-1.pekaes.com.pl aka host-207-248-240-119.block.alestra.net.mx

Look guys... just forget it. Stop trying. I don't have a formmail script.

UPDATE: 02/04/2005

Got another one from from Fastweb Networks in Italy and another from aka proxy3.checkflow.net.

UPDATE: 04/04/2005

Attempted formmail abuse from aka tp-s2-c91-3.router.hinet.net.


Oh but you should! Highly recommended. Ask me about a very special script... Entertainment guaranteed...

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