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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Labrador Park

Labrador Park Sign Went to Labrador Park yesterday afternoon. It was a long walk to the place from the bus stop at the main road (found out later that I could've taken the 408 from the Harbour Front bus terminal - it would've taken me right into the park itself). Then when I got there, I still had to walk up a hill! Argh! So trudge I did, up the hill... in the afternoon heat. Had to fork out SGD4.20 for the ticket to see the tunnels. As with every other place in Singapore, the tunnels were air-conditioned. Haha...

The tunnel tour was a guided one. Only setback was that the guide just couldn't figure out how to actually run the tour... either that or he was not given proper training because during the playback of narrations/explanations in various rooms, he was either talking over it or ushering the group of us into another area.

Other interesting things to see around in the park is the 6-inch gun that was used during World War II and various other military-type structures. There is also the waterfront with great views of the sea. Unfortunately, it was still a little hazy yesterday.

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