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Friday, March 4, 2005

Donate Your Old Furniture or Appliances

If you have old furniture or appliances which you want to get rid off and they are still in good working condition then I suggest you donate them to:

The Salvation Army. Call them at 6288-5438. They will ask you where you're at in Singapore and inform you of their next pick-up for that area. A valuer will turn up on the date/time arranged to evaluate your item. If the valuer thinks that it can be sold at the Salvation Army Shop, he/she will take the item away on that day itself. If not, then you're still stuck with your item.

Pass It On is a "one stop donation site that allows you to pass on your unwanted items to people who need them." Once you post your item there, the admin will look at it and call you to confirm. Then he will post it onto the database which is only accessed by the various charities in Singapore.


I would like to donate a queen bed and matress, a single bed and matress and a single bed with drawers underneath fr Ikea and 2 small tables and a desk...they are all fairly new.

Hey... that's great but you need to post your items that are up for donation at the Pass It On website. Link is above.

Hi I want to donate my office furniture

1. Tables (10-12 units)
2. Computer Chairs( 12-15 units)

contact me asap
hand phone; 94514445

Thanks.I was searching for this piece of info for a while.

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