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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Goodbye McAfee, Hello Authentium

Been busy trying to resolve a problem that I have with my McAfee Internet Security Suite but after a month ding-donging with their tech support, I'm ready to give up on it and switch over to Authentium.

It has been a frustrating one month. The problems only really started when the whole McAfee suite expired early - waaay before it is supposed to due to some database problems they have. Then I started getting errors for my firewall and my machine started to chug to a stop, even preventing me from accessing the Internet. Various solutions offered up by tech support didn't help at all. One even offered up a solution for Windows XP/2000, this after I've informed them that I'm on Windows 98. You'd think they'd read the form that customers have to submit online for help. Finally, an enterprising tech support person suggested that I uninstall the whole suite and provided me with detailed instructions on how to do so (including cleaning up registry) and offered up steps to reinstall. I follow them but unfortunately, all but one of the products within the suite reinstalls, which is where I'm at now and after many uninstalls and reinstalls and various solutions from tech support, I've come to the end of my tether. Firstly, because tech support is not responding to my queries on whether there are any other McAfee components in registry that I should remove that could be preventing me from reinstalling this one particular product in the suite. Secondly, tech support is also constantly not providing me with the solution that I need - they are constantly asking me to upgrade to another product which doesn't seem to gel with my current suite version. Thirdly, this has gone on for way too long and I don't see it getting resolved anytime soon and my suggestion of a free upgrade/subscription to keep me sweet and to keep me with McAfee seems to have fallen on deaf ears. Finally, the enterprising tech support guy seems to be tai-chi-ing me into tech support blackhole. I think he thinks that if he ignores me long enough that I'd just go away. I don't think so... not after having paid SGD100 for the suite! Hopefully I can get a refund of some sort from them then it's goodbye McAfee, hello Authentium!

UPDATE 28/2/2005

I finally got a response from the tech support guy after about a week. He clarified the items I asked but stopped short at giving me a working step-by-step solution. I've requested for this again (yes, again) and waiting to hear from him... again. :-P

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