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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Referral Spam Madness - Part 2

Below is a new set of IPs that I've been getting referral spam from. I will be updating this list here as and when I get new IPs. For previous list, refer to Referral Spam Madness.

LIST UPDATED: 08/02/2005

For the moment, the URLs these IPs seem to advertise all lead back to one IP, that is:

UPDATE: 04/02/2005

If you got to this page because you got an email from me regarding spam from your IP then consider the following links for details and analysis on these spam attacks:

Ann Elisabeth's blog
Rich Boakes

And for an explanation as to what an open proxy is:

Adventures of an Open Proxy Server - LURHQ
Open Proxy Explained - AOL.co.uk

And how to fix the open proxy:
Fixing Open Proxies - SpamCop.net

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