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Sunday, September 12, 2004

Corner Coffeeshop at 477 Changi Road

The corner coffeeshop at 477 Changi Road used to be the famous Kim's Place (which was famous for its Hokkien fried noodles). Now it is some other non-descript coffeeshop serving up the usual fare of fried noodles and rice.

Anyway, this evening I went to this coffeeshop and ordered a packet of beef koay teow to take-away. It came up to SGD$4. I only had two red SGD$10 notes in my wallet at that time - one was the old note and the other the new polymer note. Since it was my first time having one of those new polymer notes, I proceeded to pay the coffeeshop woman (the one with the big chest and bum and wears glasses) with the old red SGD$10 note that I had. I then waited for her to come back with my SGD$6 change.

Whilst waiting, I observed her walking to her cash register to get the change. On the way, she stopped to say something to one of her staff and then went to the cash register, deposited the money and got the change or whatever it was she was doing behind her little counter - shuffling money or whatever. She came back, after awhile, and gave the other woman her change (which was SGD$4 as I'd earlier heard her tell the woman that her meal was SGD$6) and then when it came to my turn, she only gave me a SGD$1 coin for my change. At this point, I informed her that I'd given her a red SGD$10 note and she insisted that I didn't. So I followed her into the shop and start demanding that she give me back the correct change. We went to the cash register and she then went into this pathetic spiel of me giving a SGD$5 note and how she remembered that the other woman had paid her with two SGD$5 notes (which frankly didn't add up either because if I had also given her a SGD$5 note then there would've been three SGD$5 notes in her cash register and not just the two paid by the other woman earlier), etc. I ignore her excuses and just adamantly said that I'd given her a red SGD$10 note (which was of course true) and she had better give me back my change. I started to get very angry and loud. She finally relented and gave me my SGD$6 change back but which much grumbling and grousing.

As I proceeded to walk out of the coffeeshop, I hear her bad-mouthing me non-stop to the other staffers so I turned around and said really loudly in Hokkien, so that everyone could hear me, that I'd paid her a red SGD$10 note. Then I walked out and I could still hear her going on and on about it. Whatever. Definitely not patronising this coffeeshop ever again. All I wanted was a packet of beef koay teow and I got not only that but got accused of cheating when in fact I was the one who was nearly scammed.

Be forewarned, if you do visit this coffeeshop at 477 Changi Road.

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