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Sunday, September 5, 2004

From the Eye of Hurricane Frances 9

This is the ninth installment of my friend's story. If you've missed out on the earlier ones, here they are - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 and 8.


Still Saturday (September 4, 2004)

8:00 pm: Deteriorating Conditions

Well, the hurricane has finally started to move over us again, and with it, it's brought much stronger winds, and intermittent power outages. The guys have been out on the balcony a lot watching the increased activity outside: More branches down, more trees topped over. Things stopped seeming exciting for them when they realized that another car has been hit by a tree - right by our friend's car. He ran out to check his car, and luckily, it was still fine. Frighteningly, though, a tree branch had fallen and *almost* hit his car- it looks like it had fallen right behind his car. Scary.

The whole tone of the situation has changed, as now we are in the eye wall, which is the strongest part of a hurricane. My husband is no longer saying, "This is a bust!" Now he's saying, "We're getting weather!"

On top of this, the hotel conditions are deteriorating. The stinky fish restaurant is serving yucky chicken and pasta, and the bar, which had better food last night, is now serving hot dogs and potato chips, and the only drinks its giving are beer and wine. We had a glass of wine and our friend ate three yucky hot dogs, and we decided that there was a better food selection in the room. Suddenly, the chicken in the bathtub was looking good! We came back to the room to eat this, then I realized that we needed cutlery, so I decided to go back to the restaurant to see if I could get some from our Hostess friend. On the way back, with plastic forks in hand, the power went out - when I was on the emergency staircase. This is better than being stuck in an elevator, I guess, but still, wasn't so good. Luckily it came back on in about 10 seconds. I got back to the room. Later, I got more ice without incidence.

With the added wind, the hallways are noisier. The hotel is having trouble keeping some doors closed.

Back in the room, we ate a bit of bathtub chicken, and found our candles and flashlights, and then the power went out for good. Yes, you read that right, just as we got out these things, *then* the power went out. We've now lit the candles, and will hunker down for the night, waiting for tomorrow when we get a bit of a break when the eye is over us.

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