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Sunday, September 5, 2004

From the Eye of Hurricane Frances 8

This is the eigth installment of my friend's story. If you've missed the first one, you can find it here. For the second one, go here. For the third one, go here. For the fourth one, go here . For the fifth one, go here. For the sixth one, go here and for the seventh one, go here.


Still Saturday (September 4, 2004)

4:00 pm update.

I just went for a walk down to the lobby. Rumor had it, I could get an Internet connection. The lobby is, as my husband puts it well, “like a scene out of the Poseidon Adventure.” Basically, everyone has cabin fever, so we’re all out walking around. Some people are playing Uno. A bunch are looking grouchy and sitting at the bar eating chips and drinking. A pack of old folks are watching the TV in the lobby lounge, making that area really seem like a retirement home, and all over the place are people with their dogs. In fact, we have so many dogs, we could probably organize a dog show, if we really get bored. I petted a friendly Irish Setter and its puppy friend. I also went out front to see the car with the tree on it (the winds have died down at the moment), but now the car is gone. The tree is still there, though. What’s happened is that the top half of a very tall palm tree has snapped off and then dropped onto the car below. I have to say, it made me thank my lucky stars that we parked our precious in the covered lot. After a bit of mooching around, I decided to come back here and take advantage of the fact that the power is still up, so I can get this weblog sent out. There isn’t much else to report right now. Probably the next entry will be a report on how our food’s going bad waiting for this darned storm to be over. Bye for now!

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