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Tuesday, June 22, 2004

Yum Cha Restaurant

Dim Sum Remnants It's been really hot this last weekend but myself and a few friends still managed to trudge over to Yum Cha Restaurant in Chinatown for some mouth-watering dim sum. The steaming carts filled with all kinds of delicacies were out in full force that day. There's also a new system the restaurant is using, called Table Call from Taiwan (the English on that website isn't too hot - note the headline that says: New Revolutionary Product That Will Improve The Way You Server The Customer).

How it works - if you want service, you push the service button (the device is on your table and also acts as a mini menu stand) and your table number will light up on a led display on the wall, alerting the area supervisor. If you want to order, you push the order button... bill, you push the bill button, etc. Quite ingenious and efficient.

Overall, the whole dining experience at Yum Cha was satisfactory. There was a wide selection of dim sum and the staff were very helpful. Only negatives that day was that the air-conditioning wasn't cold enough (maybe because the restaurant was packed), the menus on the table were only in Chinese (ask for an English one if you need it) and an order of chicken wings took ages to arrive. Oh yes, the itemised bill was also only in Chinese so could be a problem when you go through it.


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