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Monday, May 24, 2004

My Ice Cream Maker

Philips Ice Cream MakerFinally... there are ice cream makers in Singapore. No, not the people but the appliance to make your own homemade ice cream without breaking your arm. I got the Philips one for SGD88 at Best Denki whilst shopping at Century Square Tampines over the weekend. Incidently, I came across it again when I was out at Robinson's today. So looks like a lot of stores are stocking it now (except Mustafa's who had one on display but no stock to sell).

UPDATE: 28/04/2006

If you're out in Europe, you can buy the Philip's ice cream maker at Amazon.co.uk or Amazon.de.


Does anyone know where to buy an ice cream maker with built in freezer in Singapore?

If yes, pls reply to choo_yee_sucks@hotmail.com

Where can I get Philips HR2303 Ice Cream Maker in Malaysia...and how much?,

Huggie - try the major home appliance stores in Malaysia or call up Philip's Malaysia to enquire.

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