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Thursday, April 29, 2004

Disturbing Telly

There were two very disturbing things I saw on the telly tonight. The first one was William Hung's latest music video. It was a complete parody of Ricky Martin's She Bangs music video of course and was a good laugh but you have to wonder when this is all going to end.

The second was a documentary about women's wrestling in Japan called Gaea Girls. Now I thought this was all going to be about a bunch of typical cutesy Japanese girls pulling each other's hair but was I wrong. It was nothing like that. Throw all your preconceived ideas about cutesy, demure Japanese girls out of the window. This was full of unscripted blood, sweat and tears. We see the girls go through rigorous training, which at times seemed to look more like torture to me, take punches, kicks, body slams, head butts, etc. on nearly every part of their body and still going back for more. It just baffled me why anyone would put themselves through such agonising mental and physical stress, and humiliation. Bizarre.

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